Exposure and focus on form

Some people think that one of the main way to learn a new languageis by exposure to it and this means we have to be with people who speak the language or to listen and read in the language all the time without studying. Other experts think that exposure is not enough to learn the new language and that we need to focus on the form of the foreign language and this means to notice how the language is pronounced and written, the grammar and vocabulary and the interaction.

In my opinion, if we want to acquire a new laguage we need to focus on form and to be exposed to it because to focus only in one of them woul not be enough.

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Motivation is the desire to do things.

The motivation in the students is very important because if they are motivated they or if they find the activities motivating, they will learn more and it would be easier for them to learn. When students feel motivated in something that they do, they will want to continue doing the activity, they will do it with enthusiasm and  they will achieve greater things.

The motivation of a student depends on different things. One can come from inside the learner and other can come from the student`s environment. So the motivation of the students is constantly changing.

I think that as techers we have to encourage our students and give them confidence, and we have to use some strategies to help students feel motivated.

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When we speak or write something, we do it for a reason and it has a purpose.  And that purpose is the function.

Here are some examples of them.

We describe functions focusing on the use of the language and the meaning, depending on the context.

The language we use to express a function is called exponent and this exponent has different levels of formality. The levels of formality that we use depend on the situation, and depend on the people we are with.

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Learning styles

Here are the results of my learning style and the multiple intelligences.

These tests are good for us to know what learning style our students have and teach them in the way they learn more easily. Obviously all our students are different and that’s why we have to find out what their learning styles are, because knowing it we can prepare different activities in which all the students can learn on their way.


learning styles


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We have studied phonology before but I still find it difficult to understand. The difficult thing is to ditinguish the sounds and the symbols. Thats why I am posting this  video.

phonemic chart






















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speaking activity

Internet provides a variety of tools to improve the language. This time we will use one about speaking. This is an interesting way to practice our vocabulary and pronunciation.

http://audioboo.fm is a web site where we can record our voice. I would use this tool with students telling them to record a story that they want, and they would have to listen to others stories too, and comment it in the classroom with the teacher. This is a very useful tool because it can help the students with their pronunciation and with their listening skills.

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four skills

In the last four units we have studied the four skills. I personally have learned so much about them. These skills are writing, reading, listening and speaking, they are very important when people are learning a new language because these are the basis of comunication. As teachers we must know these skills because we are going to teach them and we cannot teach only one skill because they’re all connected.

There are different tips to improve all these skills. Some examples are these: for listening we can download a podcast or listen to radio stations from the United States; for reading is simple because we only have to read anything we find like articules, essays, and if we don’t understand a word we can guess the mening by the context, other way to read, is by predicting the text and this means reading only the title or looking at the pictures of the text to know what it is about before reading it completely. For writing we have to follow some steps like brainstorming, drafting, editing and proofreading.  To learn how to speak well we need the other skills, and there are lots of web sites where we can practise the way we speak.

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ALTE and CEF determine the level of knowledge of the language that we have. This scale will help us when we teach because it is like a guide for us. Knowing this we are able to teach the students what they really need to know and learn. It is important that students know about the ALTE and CEF to evaluate if their teacher is teaching them the right things and to test their knowledge.

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how to learn new vocabulary

In this video we can see some ways to learn new vocabulary.

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